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The Car
The car is an automated vehicle that contains a group of mechanical parts, which work in an integrated way to move it, and it is a means of transportation scattered around the world, and it differs from each other in its speed, quality, and it must be noted that it needs special attention in order to Maintain it for as long as possible, and in this article we will introduce you to how to take care of it.

صيانة السيارات في دبي

How to take care of your car
How to take care of the car from the outside
Spread the car in large quantities of water from top to bottom to cover the wheels, the body of the car, and the bottom of the car in order to remove any dirt, or dirt.
Wipe the car with a piece of cloth like a chamois, or a piece of sponge.
We remove any hard stains that are difficult to remove using car wash soap, making sure to rinse it off with water thoroughly.
Wipe off any traces of water.
We polish the car with a layer of wax polish in case the water protection layer deteriorates, provided the car body is cool.

Tips for washing a car in an automatic car wash
Fold your car mirrors back before you start washing them.
Avoid letting high-pressure car wash nozzles get too close to the car windows, and make sure the fuel filler is properly closed.

العناية بالسيارة في ابو ظبي
How to take care of your car from the inside
Car compartment protection
We eliminate dust and any dirt with the vacuum cleaner.
Wipe surfaces with a piece of cloth dampened in a little lukewarm water.

Clean the skin areas
Get rid of any dirt with the vacuum cleaner.
Wipe surfaces with a damp cloth with a little cleaning solution, making sure to dilute it with 5% water.
We dry the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Artificial leather areas
We use a mild soapy solution to clean the artificial skin.
We allow the solution to soak for a few minutes, then we start removing dirt, dust, and residue from the solution using a piece of cloth moistened with water.

Cleaning the inner surface of the rear window
Clean the back window with a damp cloth with a little water, making sure to wipe the window with parallel lines of heating wires, and avoid using glass cleaner, to avoid damaging the fog remover heating wires.

تغيير الاطارات في ابو ظبي

Shampooing carpets
We use a piece of sponge to distribute the shampoo foam.
Carpet rubs with interlocking circular motions.

Seat belts
We use a piece of cloth and foaming soap, with lukewarm water added for cleaning.
We take care to check seat belts at close intervals to ensure that there are no sneaks, slips, or cracks.