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Business concept
The concept of self-employment or entering into business includes the idea of ​​establishing a new company or facility that works to provide a service or a product, with a specific target audience of customers in a specific geographical area, and seeking to search for new marketing methods to attract more customers, and grant the new company Distinguished position among competitors, and the company may be based on the idea of ​​introducing a new product, or it is a company that aims to provide a set of services [1], or is based on exchanging goods and services with other companies in exchange for material, and the purpose of establishing companies varies from one company to another, but it is considered In the end, a form of investment operates from Gel profit, and deals with the article steps to establish a successful company. [2]
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Corporate concept
A company is a legal entity that consists of a group of people, whether natural or legal, or a mixture of both, in order to do a commercial or industrial project, or to provide services to the customers to be reached, the members of the company participate in achieving the goal based on it, and usually they seek to reach Steps to establish a successful company to ensure the success of their project, the formation of companies needs a set of resources, whether material and necessary in production such as raw materials, or a process to implement a set of administrative works, or intellectual resources that are represented in the different talents and skills that produce new ideas, so all of this meets From Most of the company’s goals are achieved, and companies take various forms including voluntary societies or non-profit organizations, which aim to serve the community or groups who are financially unable, and commercial companies that work towards achieving financial profit by focusing on increasing sales of their product, as well as entities Finance and banking, and companies are registered according to the law as a legal person, so that their civil responsibility is determined and taxes on them are paid to the competent government interests, and companies may be registered as legal persons, by linking and registering themselves collectively, and often known as a group of Companies. [3]

Steps to start a successful company
Starting a business or establishing a new company that aims to deliver an idea or product that requires a lot of work, starting from the idea that is an important point for starting the business, and in order to become a business activity that needs more effort, the following points explain the steps of establishing a successful company to reach the existing goal For the sake of the company: [4]

Supporting the idea: The beginning of the steps for establishing a successful company is originally an idea for its owner seeking to achieve, and the idea owner must support it by starting to study what he wants to produce and sell, the market he wants to enter in, and search for companies in the same field and learn about what they do and their products , In order to offer a different product than the competitors.
Setting a business plan: After defining the idea, the second step comes from the steps of establishing a successful company, which is to develop a business strategy by defining the goal of establishing the company, the financing methods used to start the business, in addition to many important aspects such as identifying clients, target markets, distribution and selling methods The producer, all this needs to develop a clear plan written with all the details, after conducting a set of market research.
Evaluating the financial situation: One of the most important steps in establishing a successful company is determining the way in which the costs will be covered, whether it is through bank financing, or the partners ’money, and it is best not to overestimate the capital of the project or company, especially if it was emerging before taking advantage of the profits , Which takes some time to achieve sustainable profits, and it is undesirable to overestimate when starting a new company.
Focusing on legal matters: Legal matters and defining them are the basics of the steps for establishing a successful company, in order to determine the type and purpose of the financial entity, in addition to defining the legal responsibilities of the company in paying taxes and their right to own real estate, entering into contracts and prosecuting them in the event of problems, legal matters guarantee the progress of Steps to start a successful company.
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Insurance: Appropriate insurance is an important step in establishing a successful company, and it must take place before the company is officially launched, in order to deal with accidents from property damage, theft or even customer litigation against the company, the owner of the company must protect it against these problems.
Building a strong team: Creating a strong team is an important step in establishing a successful company, at the beginning of establishing a project or company that needs a team with sufficient knowledge of the type of commercial activity and has more experiences, the type of activity based on the company is basically based on a team The ability to take responsibility and play the role.
Building the brand: Before starting selling the product or offering the services provided by the company, the owner must initially seek to build the brand, which contributes to his fame and the fame of his product, usually customers tend to buy the product with the most famous brand, and this is through the use of many From advertising and social media platforms.
Business Development: The steps to start a successful company do not only stop when starting the business and making profits, but there must always be many ideas and efforts to maintain success and ensure its continuity, through developing the product itself and providing many promotional offers.