Website Design

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Website Design

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What are the most important points that must be emphasized during the design of the site?

Initial design:
The goal of the site:
What is the purpose of creating the site? For advertising? Marketing? Display information? Visitors to the target site must have a good idea of ​​how the page was created and what you added to it. So, collect information to determine the goals of the site, designate who the visitors of the site are required to visit, and determine the technical needs of the site.

Graphics information:
Your Logo, illustrations of specific products, for example.
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your information:
Sometimes visitors may want to know who the owner of the site is, otherwise it will be like you agree or make an agreement with an unknown person. A page with some information about you will suffice. who are you? Where are you or where are you from? And what have you achieved?

Contents of your site:
Now, think about what you can do to attract visitors and get them to re-visit your site again? Beautiful website design is very important, but it is not everything. Or no, it gives visitors confidence in your capabilities and services (good design means that its owner has good taste). The update is very important. Provide some services for free (wallpapers, etc.). The contents are the main.

Your site information:
Register the appropriate and expressive domain name. Then reserve a space appropriate and sufficient for the size of your website.
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Main design:
Depending on the above steps, start by designing an interface on the condition that it has an easy layout and an easy-to-use navigation bar for all visitors.

What about planning:
Do you want to have a spacious, spacious, and not deep layout (talking here about planning and dividing), or narrow and deep? Here are the differences, and you decide what you want:

Spacious and flat (not deep):
 The easiest to create pages
 Hurry to know exactly what you want, and where.
 Easier to control and define.
Narrow and deep:
 Faster in terms of loading a page with data
 It seems more familiar
 It may take longer to reach the information you want.
To build easy-to-use and browse pages with easy-to-use layout, like the one shown below:

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This layout is the most widespread and used, where the top navigation bar always contains buttons for the main sections of the site, the side navigation bar contains buttons for secondary sections, the contents of the page (you must know / what is it ?? !!), and the footer area Always contains rights and contact information (email, phone and fax numbers).